Transport coffin Workmanship - HIPS

transport coffin HIPS workmanship

gm_transportsaerge_ziffern_1 Materials (lid and body)

HIPS High-impact-polystyrol
Through-colored material with wood structure. Body and lid made as one-piece extruded elements, free of seams and joints. The inner surfaces are absolutely smooth and thus residue-free and easy to clean.

gm_transportsaerge_ziffern_2 Handles on lid

Powder-coated, corrosion-resistant metal handgrips
Securely riveted without any sharp edges – hygienic, easy to clean.

gm_transportsaerge_ziffern_3 Locking devicegm_transportsaerge_verschluss_1

2-point lock
Quick-action, tight and secure lid locking mechanism at the end faces. Fitted with eyelets for safeguarding the closure with a padlock.

gm_transportsaerge_ziffern_4 Ergonomically shaped rubber grips


The finger recesses provide a secure, comfortable hold while carrying. Soft and easy to grasp even during long, heavy transportation assignments.

gm_transportsaerge_ziffern_5 Pole handles

gm_transportcoffin_polehanles_1The torsion-proof pole handles can be infinitely adjusted by sliding them in and out to suit the situation. Their surface is bright-galvanized, thus protected against corrosion.

gm_transportsaerge_ziffern_6 Fastening

Star knob
Easy-grip retaining screw for releasing and fastening the pole handles quickly and reliably.

gm_transportsaerge_ziffern_7 Connecting boltsgm_transportsaerge_schraube_2

For joining the body to the frame; galvanized to match the color of the frame.

gm_transportsaerge_ziffern_8 Side rail

The optional side rails enhance the handling and transportation quality and are always recommendable.

gm_transportsaerge_ziffern_9 Load-bearing capacity
The weight of the torsion-resistant steel construction has been minimized by implementing a combination of round and square tubes. Powdercoated.